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Business Loans

When looking for the right relationship in a financial institution to help your business grow and succeed Commerce Bank of Arizona is the right choice for your business loan needs. Simply put, we do business the old-fashioned way — person to person. Your loan officer sees your loan process through, from start to finish.

Select the loan type you need from the list below and let us show you the Commerce Bank of Arizona difference.

Revolving Lines of Credit

How many times have you needed access to extra credit and didn’t have time to fill out an application and wait for approval? Commerce Bank of Arizona’s Revolving Lines of Credit puts access to credit in your hands when you need it.

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Commerce Bank of Arizona provides lines of credit to finance accounts receivable, inventory and the seasonal needs of local business.

This credit is provided at a variable rate tied to the Prime Rate designed to provide business owners access to cash to meet short-term business needs:
  • Lines of credit up to $500,000
  • No need to re-apply each time you need access to cash
  • Available Commerce Bank of Arizona overdraft protection for business checking accounts.

Term Loans

These loans, which have scheduled payments and maturities of more than one year, can be used for many purposes including long-term working capital, refinancing existing debt or business acquisition.

Overdraft Protection

Even if you’re very careful with your finances, you may find yourself short of checking account funds at some point. Commerce Bank of Arizona can help you avoid the inconvenience and associated fees of an overdrawn account.

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How Your Business Benefits
  • Avoid overdrawn accounts and the potential credit record consequences, as well as insufficient funds fees
  • Available on all our business checking accounts to cover insufficient funds

Equipment Financing

If your business needs new equipment or vehicles Commerce Bank of Arizona offers flexible terms to purchase what you need.

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Equipment loan features
  • Can be used to purchase manufacturing, printing, or distribution equipment, heavy equipment trucks (2.5 tons or more), computers, machine tools, and aircraft
  • Borrow up to 90% of the purchase price
  • Competitive, fixed rate of interest
  • Secured by the equipment you're financing

Owner-Occupied Commercial Real Estate Loans

Is a new building in your business' future? Commerce Bank of Arizona provides loans for business owners who want to finance new or existing commercial real estate.

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We provide loans to finance the acquisition or construction of facilities used in the operation of a business whether the facility is owned by the business, the business owner, or a separate partnership or LLC.

Real estate loan features:*
  • Available for amounts of $25,000 and up
  • Can be used to construct, purchase, or refinance an owner-occupied business property, or expand or remodel existing facilities
  • Provides a one-time lump sum for real estate purchases
  • For real estate construction, funds are disbursed throughout construction schedule
  • Fully amortizing and balloon payment options
  • Competitive, fixed or variable rate of interest
  • Secured by the owner-occupied real estate you're financing
  • Available terms up to 20 years
  • Maximum of 75% loan to value, including fees financed
  • 1st and 2nd mortgages available on owner occupied real estate up to maximum loan to value
  • Business established 2 or more years
  • Copy of Purchase contract required (if purchase)
  • Copy of most recent tax assessment on property
  • Outside appraisal of property value may be required
  • Requested amounts over $100,000** generally require the following • Financial documentation including the past 2 most recent years business and personal tax returns
  • All owners with at least 20% ownership required to guarantee, with a minimum of 80% ownership

* Property insurance, flood hazard insurance, appraisal and/or other conditions may be required. Additional fees and closing costs may apply. Other restrictions may apply.
** May also be required for certain requests less than $100,000

Small Business Administration Loan Programs

As an approved Small Business Administration (SBA) lender, we can offer government guaranteed loans to help qualified businesses obtain Guaranteed 7(a) and 504 loans and lines of credit for the purchase of owner-occupied business real estate, working capital, equipment financing, or term loans to purchase or start a new business.

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SBA Loan features:
  • Lower down payment requirement
  • Longer repayment terms offered (this means lower monthly payments)
  • Higher loan-to-value ratios allowed (makes qualification easier)
  • Borrow up to 90% of your business financing needs, preserving working capital
  • Projected income (in addition to historical cash flow) taken into consideration
  • No balloon payment at the end of the loan
  • Fixed and variable rates offered

Letters of Credit

Standby letters of credit and commercial letters of credit are available for Commerce Bank of Arizona customers.